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List of Projects we done !

Restaurant Management System

It handles your day to day transaction in a Restaurant

Water Supply Billing System-RIICO

Bill generations,Water Consumptions, Payment reports etc

Customer Relationship Management

With our CRM , never loose a customer.

Accounting Management System

Track your transactions,reminders and many more features

Membership Card System

Generate 250+ types of offers for your customers

Online Order System

Get online order straight to your Desktop

Tablet Order System

Android based app to make paper-less Environment

Attendance Management

Integrated with Bio-metric/Swipe card/RFID, get attendance

Banquet Management

Enabled with digital diary, helps you manage dates efficiently

Insurance Claim File tracker-Maruti

Never loose an insurance payment.

Inventory Management

Featured with vendor management.Never go Out of stock

PG Room Management

Android based app to make paper-less Environment

GPS Tracking

Track your vehicles LIVE

Project Management

Handle all your project ata place

Staffing Management 2.3

Track potential candidates